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When stress levels get too high, a spa day can be just what you need to soothe your spirit and celebrate your well-being. If you have a loved one who could use some self-care, whether male or female, a spa day at Nouveau Day Spa is a wonderful option– the services below could brighten someone’s day!

Why is Professional Self-Care Important? 

Cosmetic care is vital to enhancing physical appearance and promoting skin health. Proper cosmetic care can boost self-confidence and improve overall well-being by promoting a positive self-image. Professional cosmetic treatments and spa days can offer a range of benefits regardless of individual skin types and concerns. With professional self-care sessions, patients learn to prioritize overall skin health rather than just focusing on temporary enhancements.

Signature Spa Manicure

The first step in your signature spa manicure is a careful exfoliant from elbow to fingertip. When the dead, dry skin is gone, this same area will be massaged, and your hands will be treated with a paraffin dip. Quality moisturizers are used in every step of your hand treatment, and you may even notice a lessening of age spots after a few manicures at Nouveau Day Spa. After this luxurious treatment, you can choose any nail polish or a French manicure for the look you want.

Just for Men Spa Manicure

The spa manicure just for men includes a careful exfoliation, massage, and paraffin dip for complete hand relaxation. Skin will be deeply moisturized, and nails cleaned and buffed for a trim, tidy look.

Enzyme Firming Facial

An enzyme-firming facial adds collagen and glycolic acid to the skin as the toxins that hold dead skin cells in place are broken down. Your face will feel fresher, softer, and brighter after this relaxing treatment. You may notice fewer age spots and a reduction in lines around the mouth and eyes. Unlike many cosmetic treatments that remove dead skin with abrasion or chemicals, the enzyme-firming facial takes a natural approach– as you relax and the enzymes do their work, you can enjoy a non-invasive removal of tired, dead skin cells.

The Nouveau Facial

Your Nouveau facial will address the delicate skin around your eyes and mouth. Because this skin is thinner, the risk of damage from sun, stress, and environmental toxins is higher. Careful attention will be paid to this area and this skin will receive special therapies. During your Nouveau facial, you’ll also enjoy a heat treatment of your hands and a gentle massage of your face, neck, and shoulders. As you relax, the skin of your face and neck will be treated to a masque, moisturizing cream, and renewing serum to brighten your skin and add a glow to the thinner skin around the eyes.

Schedule a Consultation

Your time at the Nouveau Day Spa in Kennewick, Washington can be used to treat your entire body. You can also simply focus on your hands or your face if time is short. If you plan to gift a spa day to your favorite fellow, you might start with a massage or a steam experience. Men’s facials are also available. Review the online contact form to choose the treatment that will suit the recipient best.

Patient Resources

Explore our comprehensive patient resources online, designed to enhance your Nouveau experience. From detailed treatment descriptions to expert wellness tips, our website is a valuable tool for making informed choices and maximizing the benefits of your spa visits.



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