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Photo Rejuvenation Lumilift


Experience the transformative power of Photo Rejuvenation with Lumilift & Lumificial, offering a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery. Harnessing the potent energy of light, this advanced technology works deep within the skin to firm and tone sagging muscles, fortifying the skin’s foundation from the inside out. Utilizing specific wavelengths of pure spectrum colors – blue, green, red, and yellow – the Soli-Tone system delivers the innovative Lumificial treatment, addressing four distinct skin challenges.  

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Revolutionary Skin Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation—Lumilift and Lumificial treatments are noninvasive alternatives to surgical procedures that harness the potent energy of light to firm and tone sagging muscles, strengthening the skin’s underlying structure. The innovative Lumificial treatment simultaneously targets four unique skin challenges to unveil a luminous, age-defying complexion.

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